четверг, 13 ноября 2014 г.

Jot Magazine Mood Board Challenge

Hey there! Hope you doing fine. This is my first time taking part in foreighn blog challange. Well let`s see....Very inspiring board is on JOT Magazine. Watch it! So cozy, so light. I was totally grabbed by watches and clocks - so that`s how my "Time flies" photo album (15*18 cm) was born.
I wanted to create something crazy and unusual but stilish, so.....

"It has wings????"

Tried gel ink pen.

"And what about those little rounds?" Just for you to ask....Really!

Tag to write some memories on it, because this is the exact place for photo (10*15 cm)

Binding cardboard
Kaizercraft stamps
Watercolor paper
Stazon Ink
Tim Holtz distress ink and adirondack ink.
Paper.....only thing I know about it - I had only one piece and it was from America))).

Thank you for your attention, dear ladies and gentlemen.

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